Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walking For Physical Fitness

In this modern world, it seems that more people are not getting enough exercise for health and fitness. Most if not all were sitting all day in an office table not doing anything that can make the heart work harder and pump more blood. No enough office tasks that can give the body a bit of a workout and it is unfavorable to one’s health. After office hours, did we confine ourselves in front of our personal computers at home doing nothing other than staring on the monitor and typing out our fingers on the keyboard; again, not giving our body enough reward for a workout to make it stay fit and healthy?

But do you know that walking makes a workout? It is largely a matter of pace and distance that will make your heart beat faster and work harder which in turn can give a lot of health benefits. It has been found that walking is one of the best forms of exercise that can contribute benefits to the human body. This is the only answer for you to take up some extra efforts to give your body an important workout.

What are the benefits that you can get from walking?

  • It can strengthen the heart.
  • It can reduce stress and boost energy.
  • It will encourage rest and good sleep.
  • It will strengthen the lungs. 
  • It can reduce the risk for diabetes.
  • It can strengthen the muscles of the body.
  • It makes the blood circulate effectively thus reducing blood pressure.
  • It will improve mental health
  • It will help lower the incidence of depression and anxiety.

Walking Exercise for Pleasure.

In a recent research and survey, it was found that walking is the only form of exercise in which the rate of participation does not decline and almost 40% of this regular walkers were found to be among men 65 years of age and older. Other forms of exercises only gained popularity only recently compared to walking who has been there in decades. Today, walking is in a wave of increased popularity in every point of the globe and rediscovers the health giving benefits of it.

Walking burns almost the same amount of calories per mile as does running and is particularly interesting to those who find it complex to sustain the effects of long distance jogging. In a weight-bearing action like walking, heavier individuals will burn more calories than the lighter ones. So, to get rid of tensions and stress and live a healthy life, get off your feet and start a regular walking exercise regimen.

Here are some tips to help you develop an efficient walking style:

1. Always wear comfortably and appropriately.

  • Good running shoes probably a training model or any that is comfortable and provides good support.
  • Any appropriate workout apparel that can withstand the dictates of a weather condition, cap and a workout towel.

2. Always do a conditioning and warm up stretching before starting out your walking exercise.

3. Follow this proper walking exercise style.

  • Hold head straight up and keep back straight and the abdomen flat.
  • Keep your toes point straight ahead and swing your arms freely at sides.
  • Make long and easy strides and avoid straining for distance.
  • Keep your foot land on its heel and rolling it forward to avoid flat foot style as it can cause fatigue and foot sores.
  • Breathe deeply and comfortably.

The more often you walk, the faster you will improve. Three workouts a week are considered to be a "maintenance level" of exercise. More frequent workouts are required for swift improvement. Most of the reasons some failed to do a regular exercise was due to lack of time. In this case and if you are one of them, indoor cardio workout with the aid of a best cardio machine will work effectively for you.

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    Walking is the best exercise; For me, the advantage of working out at the home gyms equipment is only convenience.