Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walking For Physical Fitness

In this modern world, it seems that more people are not getting enough exercise for health and fitness. Most if not all were sitting all day in an office table not doing anything that can make the heart work harder and pump more blood. No enough office tasks that can give the body a bit of a workout and it is unfavorable to one’s health. After office hours, did we confine ourselves in front of our personal computers at home doing nothing other than staring on the monitor and typing out our fingers on the keyboard; again, not giving our body enough reward for a workout to make it stay fit and healthy?

But do you know that walking makes a workout? It is largely a matter of pace and distance that will make your heart beat faster and work harder which in turn can give a lot of health benefits. It has been found that walking is one of the best forms of exercise that can contribute benefits to the human body. This is the only answer for you to take up some extra efforts to give your body an important workout.

What are the benefits that you can get from walking?

  • It can strengthen the heart.
  • It can reduce stress and boost energy.
  • It will encourage rest and good sleep.
  • It will strengthen the lungs. 
  • It can reduce the risk for diabetes.
  • It can strengthen the muscles of the body.
  • It makes the blood circulate effectively thus reducing blood pressure.
  • It will improve mental health
  • It will help lower the incidence of depression and anxiety.

Walking Exercise for Pleasure.

In a recent research and survey, it was found that walking is the only form of exercise in which the rate of participation does not decline and almost 40% of this regular walkers were found to be among men 65 years of age and older. Other forms of exercises only gained popularity only recently compared to walking who has been there in decades. Today, walking is in a wave of increased popularity in every point of the globe and rediscovers the health giving benefits of it.

Walking burns almost the same amount of calories per mile as does running and is particularly interesting to those who find it complex to sustain the effects of long distance jogging. In a weight-bearing action like walking, heavier individuals will burn more calories than the lighter ones. So, to get rid of tensions and stress and live a healthy life, get off your feet and start a regular walking exercise regimen.

Here are some tips to help you develop an efficient walking style:

1. Always wear comfortably and appropriately.

  • Good running shoes probably a training model or any that is comfortable and provides good support.
  • Any appropriate workout apparel that can withstand the dictates of a weather condition, cap and a workout towel.

2. Always do a conditioning and warm up stretching before starting out your walking exercise.

3. Follow this proper walking exercise style.

  • Hold head straight up and keep back straight and the abdomen flat.
  • Keep your toes point straight ahead and swing your arms freely at sides.
  • Make long and easy strides and avoid straining for distance.
  • Keep your foot land on its heel and rolling it forward to avoid flat foot style as it can cause fatigue and foot sores.
  • Breathe deeply and comfortably.

The more often you walk, the faster you will improve. Three workouts a week are considered to be a "maintenance level" of exercise. More frequent workouts are required for swift improvement. Most of the reasons some failed to do a regular exercise was due to lack of time. In this case and if you are one of them, indoor cardio workout with the aid of a best cardio machine will work effectively for you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Exercise Tips: Exactly How Good Is A Cardio Workout

Author: Andrew Poletto

Always remember, before starting any workout program, whether it is aerobic, anaerobic, strength training, or anything else for that matter, WARM UP!

Ok, just so we are on the same page, I consider aerobic exercise to be one of the best ways to work out your body. Of course, aerobic exercise could cover several activities, from weight lifting to marathon running. But for purposes of this writing, we won't get into specifics; we'll keep it all general, ok?

One of the main benefits of aerobic exercise is it gives you more energy and it increases your metabolism. It gives you more energy, because when you do aerobic exercise, you use major muscle groups. In turn, this causes your heart rate to increase, which means it needs more oxygen to function, which in turn causes it to use more energy. Once your heart and your body gets used to this increase in oxygen and energy, it will want it more and more. That's when your body starts to use more energy and burn more fat and calories to get this energy. So, in other words, the more you use your heart, the more it wants to be used. Get it?

Of course, the most common forms of aerobic activity is walking, running, bike riding and swimming. Two benefits of aerobic activity are:

1. It helps your blood circulate and keeps your blood pressure levels. 
2. It helps you lose weight and eliminate stress.

Word of caution though..... please pace yourself when starting out. If you go out and run a marathon for your first workout, it may do more harm than good to your body. You see, you'll have to build up to doing these harder workouts. Anyone can get there, but you have to start off with maybe 20-30 minutes of a workout that increases your heart rate. After some time (it varies for everyone) you can start to increase your time of the workout or increase your intensity of the workout.

Let your body build up to this gradually.

If you are unclear about what you should be doing, ALWAYS consult your doctor before doing ANY kind of workout! Experts will tell you that aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight.  Speaking of experts, have you check out ? Experts are interviewed and they reveal their workout secrets and strategies to you!
Of course, aerobic exercise is not the only thing you must do to accomplish this weight loss, but it's a great start and you'll be on your way.

Remember, to get to the level of FITNESS and/or HEALTH that you're striving for is up to you. BUT, you can get advice from the experts on how to get there. Experts will give you their secrets on getting to the "upper levels", if you will.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Can Fitness Camps Boost Your Strength?

Author: Peter Jacob

If you are thinking of embarking upon a fitness camp then this is a very good idea. A fitness camp can help to boost your strength both mentally and physically. There are different types of camps that are available. These specialty camps come for specific purposes. If you are going train yourself in a certain aspect of your body or perhaps enhance a certain quality in you like a sport then you should look for such a particular camp. You can go to a fitness camp not only to reduce your weight and get back in shape but also to increase the strength of your muscles.

It is a myth that fitness camps are difficult to deal with and you have to work hard all the time. In fact many people call fitness camps as boot camp vacations as the experience you have here is similar to a vacation only more meaningful. You can spend money and go on a vacation to Hawaii but what do you gain from such a vacation? You should make sure that you have something much more meaningful with your time off.

You should take a look at your body. All these days of continuously working and no gym or some physical activity would have resulted in a lot fat put on your body. You might feel that you are terribly out of shape. Now you can go on your relaxing cruise and come back even fatter or you can go join a fitness camp.

A fitness camp is not a weight loss boot camp where you would be made to fight for your survival. In fact most fitness camps emphasize on relaxation and therapy like massages aroma therapy to first relax your body and then get you in shape. It is a myth that only athletes go for fitness camps. You can be in any shape and go to a fitness camp. Most commonly you will be given a personal instructor who would motivate you and help you to cope up with a fitness routine. Your routine will also be customized according to your requirements.

The Fit camps not only have exercise routines that you would have to follow but also many fun activities like swimming trekking and other such activities that not only helps you to reduce weight but also are fun to do. To participate in competitive sport will help to make sure that you are stimulated mentally as well as physically.
Most of the times the fitness camp exercises will concentrate on your cardio vascular power. Only once you are fit enough and have gain a certain amount of stamina you will be put through strength training regime so that you build up strength and get back in shape.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best Gym Fitness Equipment - Kettlebell

Author: Sam Seoud

Fitness is most important in today's speedy moving life to keep yourself free from diseases. This must be well understood by the people. Early realization of health importance in individual's life can lead to a joyful life. Easy life is preferred by the people but should not lead to a lazy life. Due to less hard work and easy life increased fat and cholesterol among people which is the root cause for many health problems and diseases. Now to lose weight and be in shape for good health becomes necessity for mass of people. There are several ways to keep fit. Walking, running and body weight exercises either at home or at local gym or develop your own home gym with fitness equipments.

Many people prefer to visit local gym for exercises on fitness equipment. but if you are time savvy or having tight time schedule and timing issues prevents you for daily gym visit, then you can easily opt available various high quality fitness equipments at cheaper rates tend many people prefer to establish home gym for exercises at their conveniencies. There are many benefits of home fitness equipment over commercial gym, like no need to be in queue for gym equipment, no need to go at gym, no need to worry about the cleanliness of fitness equipment due to continuous usage by many people, no need to pay on monthly basis for usage of exercise equipments. you can exercise in peaceful manner and can more concentrate on exercises. If you do body weight exercises at home, it's good to keep fit and build some muscles but if you want to progress more than that, a home gym is very useful and effective for body weight exercises, you will reach a plateau at one point whereas with weights, you can progress further. Although it requires some investment in your home gym fitness equipment, which is worthful if you consider all above advantages. As such pros and cons are the two sides of a coin, there are certain drawbacks of home exercises as no body is there to train you well at home and you need pay extra for fitness trainer to visit you home for training. some times boredness may make you lazy and irregular in daily workouts may lead to a rhythm loss. Thus one must be determined and stick to the daily workout plans to keep self fit, healthy and in shape.

Defining exercise workouts for your home gym for men and women is not so much difficult. Certain basics will help you a lot. some prefer to have different workouts for different week days exercising different body part everyday. whereas some prefer same workout routine and change the workout on regular basis to get benefits. One can decide best for him or her as per your stronger and weaker areas. you can select your home fitness equipment from many of the home gym equipments like exercise balls, Ab equipment, Exercise bikes, Elliptical Trainers, Dumbbelles, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls etc.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Benefits of a Natural Cardio Exercises

We are now living in a world which has eradicated any form of natural exercise which could be beneficial to all of us, especially exercising. We almost live in the comfort of our cars if not in front of our computers at home or in front of our latest HDTVs watching our favorite shows. We then changed our eating habits by allowing the services of fast food restaurants to be part of our daily lives after sitting all day long in the office. A life that we hardly notice can be harmful to our health and fitness. It is about time that we must make changes to our daily routine to achieve a healthy lifestyle. A daily routine that we must include exercising to reap the health benefits of it to get back into shape.

What are the benefits of cardio exercises?

Here is a list of some benefits we can get from cardio vascular exercises:

1. It increases energy level and mobility
2. It decreases stress level.
3. It decreases bad cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.
4. It helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
5. It helps maintain body weight.
6. It relieves back pain and arthritis.
7. It helps give quality sleep.
8. It gives you the sense of well-being and makes your blood flowing.

What are the forms of a natural cardio exercise?

There are many forms of natural cardio exercises that one can achieve the benefits of it but here is the list of the most popular forms. The number of calories burned opposite the type of exercise was based in a typical weight of 145 lbs body weight that performed the exercises in 30 minutes time.

1. Walking - 180 calories
2. Cycling - 250 to 500 calories
3. Running - 300 calories
4. Cross-Country Skiing - 330 calories
5. Rock Climbing - 380 calories
6. Swimming - 400 calories
7. Step Aerobics - 400 calories
8. Handball - 400 calories
9. Dancing- 300 calories

Now that you already know that one of the most important things you can do for your health and fitness goals is regular cardio exercise, the choice is yours to what form of cardio exercise will suit your needs. Make your own cardio exercise regimen and start it now to reap the benefits of it being in great shape.